Tuesday, September 20

*wedding extras*


I wanted to post two of my favorite items from our wedding.

{first} our thumbprint tree. A family friend drew the naked tree along with our names and the date. Then the picture sat on it's very own table at the reception where people could chose from two different greens and leave their mark. Side note: we also had little wipes for them after they dyed their fingers green.

{two} our wedding invitation, designed by yours truly. It took me forever to get it perfect but i'm so proud of how it turned out. it was unconventional and unique. i've even heard it's still on people's refrigerators! Woo! Yay for typography. Yay for InDesign.


Deana said...

Your thumb print guest book tree...such a cute idea! And I love that your wedding invitation was completely personal and original. Too cute.

Lauren Ashley said...

freakin love love LOOOOVE your invitation!!!! I smell a business. DAMN YOU'RE GOOD!