Monday, October 17

Pawpaw turns 80!

Andy's grandfather turned 80 this past week and his family threw him a big to-do...and rightfully so! You only turn 80 once, right? Well, unless you were Noah, Abraham, Moses, or any of those other guys that lived hundreds of years. All of Pawpaw's friends were invited and there was music and food and best of all, fellowship. Gotta love family events. All of the kiddies were there and running around as usual. It was fantastic. Coming from an extremely small family, I embrace with open arms the new tradition of pulling names at Christmas for gift-buying because there are so many people, we'd all go broke trying to get presents for everyone!

As a side note, I was asked to design a koozie for the guests to use and take home as souvenirs. Pawpaw is a clock lover...and by clock lover I mean he has an entire outhouse dedicated to clocks and restoration. It's pretty nifty. So in honor of his love...and his very special day, here's what I came up with! Happy birthday Ed Letbetter!

Monday, October 10

oh to be 16 again

This saturday was little brother's junior homecoming dance. Husband and I always go to the location where pictures are being taken so I can see Jax, but also look at all of the dresses {and poor outfit choices by many}...

I think dresses have gotten shorter since I was going to dances in highschool. I mean booties were about hanging out and when did stripper shoes become popular? These platforms were 5" and higher. Some of those poor girls were obviously already in pain and they were only at pictures. Jeesh.

We didn't stay long, as the older I get, the less cool I am to little brother. Either that or he was terrified I would verbally embarrass him. I have that tendency...

shirt: H&M, necklace: Atlanta's mart, watch: Francesca's, bracelets: Atlanta's mart, jeans: express, shoes: Steve Madden, sunglasses: gift

Friday, October 7

adult braces are weird

Just got the braces on.
Free at last! The bottom row is once again straight!
OK so the time finally came for me to get braces. Round three. I literally said 'i do' to husband then 'i'm ready' to the orthodontist. One clean swoop. I've had them on for about as long as we've been married. Andrew was thrilled to see those beautiful brackets be places on his beautiful bride! {i kid.}. Who wants to kiss braces? Plus adult braces are just strange. And totally understanding that I would look like Ugly Betty for roughly 6 months was worth it in the end. I had ONE tooth out of line on the bottom. It had been making it's way to the snaggle position for the past 5 years. And it really bothered me to have just one little tooth like that. You could see it when I talked but not when I smiled. And because I am the type of person who watches the mouth move of the person talking, it made me self-conscious about people watching me talk. Eeek!

Well, I got them off! Yahoo! No more adult braces, or biting into a sandwich only to get half of it stuck in them! No more cutting husband's lips or feeling like a total doof. No more getting picked on by little brother. It's a GREAT day! They are straight and white and all that is good! So come at me wit'cho camera...and i'll show ya the pearly whites. Happy Friday!

Monday, October 3

brother, the craftsman

My brother-in-law is pretty much awesome...well, most of the time. Tyler {or Brud-ah as I so affectionately call him} is a crafty man I tell ya. He makes rustic furniture and it's pretty legit. He helped me with my centerpieces for the wedding, the wood stump cake stands, he's made us an ahhh-mazing coffee table, sofa table, bench, night stand, etc. etc. and now his latest addition--my apple crate bookshelf! I have had my eye on this piece ever since I saw it on Pinterest. I showed him the picture and BAM--a few weeks later I had my very own. I can't wait to get it in the house. I'm not going to put books on it, however. Books are cluttery, so I will be purchasing a few antique nicknacks for it. And ::gasp:: some of the shelves will be left empty! And it will be awesome.

So hats off to Tyler, the middle bro, for all of his hard work and craftiness! I appreciate him taking the time out of his crazy work schedule to do this for me. And just for the record--he's single, ladies. And currently accepting applications :) He's gonna love that I just said that. haha...not.

um...please excuse the big dead turkey in the picture.