Monday, October 3

brother, the craftsman

My brother-in-law is pretty much awesome...well, most of the time. Tyler {or Brud-ah as I so affectionately call him} is a crafty man I tell ya. He makes rustic furniture and it's pretty legit. He helped me with my centerpieces for the wedding, the wood stump cake stands, he's made us an ahhh-mazing coffee table, sofa table, bench, night stand, etc. etc. and now his latest addition--my apple crate bookshelf! I have had my eye on this piece ever since I saw it on Pinterest. I showed him the picture and BAM--a few weeks later I had my very own. I can't wait to get it in the house. I'm not going to put books on it, however. Books are cluttery, so I will be purchasing a few antique nicknacks for it. And ::gasp:: some of the shelves will be left empty! And it will be awesome.

So hats off to Tyler, the middle bro, for all of his hard work and craftiness! I appreciate him taking the time out of his crazy work schedule to do this for me. And just for the record--he's single, ladies. And currently accepting applications :) He's gonna love that I just said that. haha...not.

um...please excuse the big dead turkey in the picture.


sister said...

sister i had left a comment but it didnt show up

sister said...

ok i figured it out. geez!im computer illiterate and cant all that said i forgot my original comment but it had something to do with dang he is so amazing i dont hate that i have a great guy but i wish i had a friend to hook him up with and im sure he appreciates that comment as well as yours letting everyone know hes single and taking apps:)

Deana said...

I stinkin' LOVE that! :) Please post a picture once you fill it up!

Schrazzy said...

Daisy wants a turn :( Woof woof.