Monday, October 17

Pawpaw turns 80!

Andy's grandfather turned 80 this past week and his family threw him a big to-do...and rightfully so! You only turn 80 once, right? Well, unless you were Noah, Abraham, Moses, or any of those other guys that lived hundreds of years. All of Pawpaw's friends were invited and there was music and food and best of all, fellowship. Gotta love family events. All of the kiddies were there and running around as usual. It was fantastic. Coming from an extremely small family, I embrace with open arms the new tradition of pulling names at Christmas for gift-buying because there are so many people, we'd all go broke trying to get presents for everyone!

As a side note, I was asked to design a koozie for the guests to use and take home as souvenirs. Pawpaw is a clock lover...and by clock lover I mean he has an entire outhouse dedicated to clocks and restoration. It's pretty nifty. So in honor of his love...and his very special day, here's what I came up with! Happy birthday Ed Letbetter!

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Anonymous said...

I hate we had to miss Ed's birthday bash.....thanks for sharing the pictures. Looks like everyone was having a good time. Ed is really quite a character! At Christmas we were able to see his awesome clock collection....and one very unique Russian looking clock that I had admired! Ed surprised me with that very clock the weekend of Mallory and Andrew's wedding! It sits prominently on our mantle above the fireplace. Thanks Ed and happy birthday!