Sunday, November 13

chez schramp

The day finally came when schramp and i moved out of the apartment and into a home! we are only staying here for 18 months, then we will buy a house. but for now....our cozy little bungalow will suffice. We have hard woods throughout and beadboard in two of the rooms...from ceiling to floor. And the colors are so pottery barn. I'm in love. Old houses have become a new love for me and husband. When we eventually buy, we want an old home (that isn't haunted, of course) and we want original hardwoods, amazing crown molding, built in shelves, random closets that are oddly deep, laundry shoots, etc. etc. AHH it will be a fun time when it finally comes. we'll be ready by then, i'm sure.

On another note--there has been an evolution in toothbrushes since 1950 (when the bungalow was built). They must have been as skinny as straws back then, because mine and husband's brushes can't fit in the holder. At all. It's kinda funny. We like that and the fact that all of the outlets are visible. As in....waist high in the middle of the wall. Nice, lemme tell ya. Hanging chords are like the new wall chez schramp.

Lots going on with the Schramps these days. Blogging is about to get REAL. Husband and I have lived together for approximately 2 weeks and are happy to report we still love each other :) it's nice being home together every night. until now, we hadn't spent more than 5 days together since our honeymoon in jan. So its really nice. Home cooked meals, a stocked pantry, wine flowing every night, conversations about our days in person....ahhh marriage is wonderful. And God knows me pretty darn well, settin' me up with such a nice young lad like Andy :) He's sweet. And he makes me breakfast and coffee every Sunday morning before church. BOOM. Be jealous, because he's just that awesome.

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