Thursday, November 3

shame on me. this i know.

It has been several long weeks since I blogged last. But it’s not because I didn’t want to….ok, yes it is. My brain has been in a constant state of overload and it is just now kind of settling down.

First things first. I have left Shorter University. And just in the nick of time. (refer now to the new Personal Lifestyle Statement here that all staff and faculty must sign). In a nut shell: you can’t drink or be homosexual. Because “the Bible tells me so”. Whew! I dodged that bullet and got the heck out of there. Listen folks, if you’re one of those fundamentalist Christians that likes to point fingers and make-up rules to scare people into a Christian lifestyle…you’re doing more harm than good. Shorter is going to struggle coming back from this….if they do. I wish them well….but they won’t get any of mine or husband’s alumni donations until they stop acting like crazy people. And when I say “they”…I mean the top gods dogs.

In the Rome News Tribune...pretty clever.
Second—I now work in Buckhead with Harry Norman, Realtors. What a breath of fresh air! These people are awesome and I love my new job. Glad to be utilized in a way that suits me J

Third—Husband sold my 4runner (in 3 days!) and got himself a truck. Now he’s official….like a cowboy with a pistol. He is loving it. And I’m loving it too because he can go pick things up for me that are too big for my car. Like new furniture and craft projects!

Fourth—We are moving to downtown Marietta into a little bungalow that is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen. We have been swamped every weekend moving things over to the new house and I have been feverishly trying to finish my furniture projects (pics to come soon I promise). HINT: a china hutch, paint, a dresser from the side of the road, and chicken wire are all involved.

Fifth—I joined husband’s childhood church—First Presbyterian Church Marietta. Never thought I’d see the day when I would switch from Lutheran to Presbyterian, but I actually agree with the doctrine and theology there so I decided to join. It has been so fulfilling to be a part of such a great church family. Our Sunday school class is awesome, our new friends are great and the activities and weekly Bible studies offered is an added bonus. Husband has been going to one for a little while and he really likes it. I need to start going on Wednesday nights with my friends now that I am home every night during the week….which leads me to:

Sexy SIXTH—I AM HOME EVERY NIGHT WITH ANDREW! WE ARE A REAL MARRIED COUPLE NOW! No more back and forth from Rome to Kennesaw and seeing each other only on the weekends! Last night we went on a date and watched Wednesday night TV and talked about our days in person! What a difference that makes J

I will have lots of pictures to post once we are moved ::next week:: and I will be sure to get back in the groove of posting.

Goodbye Shorter office! You're so naked without me!

Well, hello there Harry Norman! Thank you for the beautiful flowers and nice welcome note! I'm happy I'm here with you too!

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