Sunday, January 1

Happy 2012, darlings!


One post for December. Nice, Mal. I know. We've been so busy it's almost sad. But isn't that everyone's excuse? No time! No this! No that!

Well, Mr.2012....I'm ready for you. And all of the awesome shinanigans you will bring my family :)

We brought in the New Year right. With friends and family. After midnight struck, Andrew says to me, "Mal, you wanna know what I've planned for our one year anniversary?"

He was so exicted and beaming with delight I couldn't say "No, I'd rather be surprised." Who am I kidding....I've been begging him for weeks to give me hints.

At that moment, my 2012 got serious QUICK. He told me:

Nashville. For the weekend. Vince Gill is involved.

VINCE GILL?!!??? Holy toledo, Batman. I don't know if you know the ins and outs of our relationship, or my growing-up in general....but Vince Gill plays a valid role. Valid people. The man has a voice like melting butter on toast. It is just amazing. And my sweet darling precious husband got us tickets. I'm in a state of bliss and it's only January 3.... 2012 must be our year ;)

Happy New Year, folks!

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