Tuesday, February 28

where is the ball?

Husband and brother Tyler are now on a men's league lacrosse team. Sunday was his first game. They were a little short on subs, so baby brother Jackson stepped in for added schramp support. It was a special moment for their parents to see them all on the field at the same time. Heck, it was pretty special for me too--for no reason other than it was just really darn cute.

Growing up, they didn't have lacrosse in my neck of the woods, so I'm still trying to figure out how to 'watch' it. Currently, I can't spot the ball...ever. and I don't know the rules. So looks like I'm on a roll! I just starred at husband the entire time and watched him do his thing. His mother tells me that in high school, parents from the opposing team would scream "you're an animal!" at him--after he laid out their child. Shining moment for Lura, I'm sure. NOT. haha. Now he's gotta be less tackle and more finesse. It isn't football, honey. And these poor men have jobs to go to on Monday. Let's work on not getting any penalty flags next game. Love you!

P.S. Tyler and Jackson did great too, of course! Ty played for KSU and is an old pro...and Jackson plays at KMHS. Can't believe he's already a junior. And with his Edward Cullen hair, taller than me. Go Brothers!

Go Tyler!

Jackson showing off those calves.


My father-in-law let me wear his cool hat to block out the blinding sun. My glasses weren't cutting it. 

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Ceej said...

Oh what a fun it looks like you had...watching those boys "do their thaaaang"....I would love to see them play! Thanks for sharing the pics....they were good.