Tuesday, February 28

where is the ball?

Husband and brother Tyler are now on a men's league lacrosse team. Sunday was his first game. They were a little short on subs, so baby brother Jackson stepped in for added schramp support. It was a special moment for their parents to see them all on the field at the same time. Heck, it was pretty special for me too--for no reason other than it was just really darn cute.

Growing up, they didn't have lacrosse in my neck of the woods, so I'm still trying to figure out how to 'watch' it. Currently, I can't spot the ball...ever. and I don't know the rules. So looks like I'm on a roll! I just starred at husband the entire time and watched him do his thing. His mother tells me that in high school, parents from the opposing team would scream "you're an animal!" at him--after he laid out their child. Shining moment for Lura, I'm sure. NOT. haha. Now he's gotta be less tackle and more finesse. It isn't football, honey. And these poor men have jobs to go to on Monday. Let's work on not getting any penalty flags next game. Love you!

P.S. Tyler and Jackson did great too, of course! Ty played for KSU and is an old pro...and Jackson plays at KMHS. Can't believe he's already a junior. And with his Edward Cullen hair, taller than me. Go Brothers!

Go Tyler!

Jackson showing off those calves.


My father-in-law let me wear his cool hat to block out the blinding sun. My glasses weren't cutting it. 

Thursday, January 5

Sunday, January 1

Happy 2012, darlings!


One post for December. Nice, Mal. I know. We've been so busy it's almost sad. But isn't that everyone's excuse? No time! No this! No that!

Well, Mr.2012....I'm ready for you. And all of the awesome shinanigans you will bring my family :)

We brought in the New Year right. With friends and family. After midnight struck, Andrew says to me, "Mal, you wanna know what I've planned for our one year anniversary?"

He was so exicted and beaming with delight I couldn't say "No, I'd rather be surprised." Who am I kidding....I've been begging him for weeks to give me hints.

At that moment, my 2012 got serious QUICK. He told me:

Nashville. For the weekend. Vince Gill is involved.

VINCE GILL?!!??? Holy toledo, Batman. I don't know if you know the ins and outs of our relationship, or my growing-up in general....but Vince Gill plays a valid role. Valid people. The man has a voice like melting butter on toast. It is just amazing. And my sweet darling precious husband got us tickets. I'm in a state of bliss and it's only January 3.... 2012 must be our year ;)

Happy New Year, folks!

Tuesday, December 6

Harry 'Stepford' Norman

So the time came to have our professional "real estate-esque" pictures taken for Mr. Norman. I wasn't sure what to expect. I usually get awkward during pictures like this, but lucky for me, my co-worker and friend Lauren was there to make fun of me  offer support. And I did the same for her. Of course.

The photoshoot went well! And when the photog man sent us back the finished product...I barely recognized myself! I have never looked so nice/fake/airbrushed in my life. And I liked it! You know how pageant girl pictures look...too good to be true? Yep, well now I have my very own pageant pic. What what.

Monday, December 5

thankful for thanksgiving. and a tree stand.

The past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. The holiday hustle and bustle has officially begun. Not so much over things like decorating our house for Christmas...but me and Schramp have been some serious workaholics as of late. Crazy hours, folks. Like 6am-11pm. One crazy job for him, and three jobs for me. Three awesome jobs. Harry Norman by day, Pottery Barn by night, and The Beaded Grape in between! Super busy but loving life.

Thanksgiving was nuts. My family is nuts :) We spent the day in Tennessee with my family and drove back to Marietta to spend time with Andrew's family. Full day, yes I know, but we have a big family! And we loving spending time with both of them! It's not very often where you get lucky enough to have amazing people on both sides of the family. But we do. Jones-Schrampfers are legit peeps.

My family in TN after too much food and obviously too many serious poses.
We borrowed my parent's Christmas tree this year because we just don't feel like paying full-price for the one we've been eye-ballin' at Costco. No worries, we didn't leave them tree-less. They're putting up the retro silver tree with the color wheel this year...old school style. So here's to our first Christmas as married Schramps! Looking forward to hosting our second annual tacky Christmas sweater party in a few weeks with all of our amazing friends. Throwin' it down on Normandy. That's what we do.

Santa's little princess elf

Sunday, November 13

chez schramp

The day finally came when schramp and i moved out of the apartment and into a home! we are only staying here for 18 months, then we will buy a house. but for now....our cozy little bungalow will suffice. We have hard woods throughout and beadboard in two of the rooms...from ceiling to floor. And the colors are so pottery barn. I'm in love. Old houses have become a new love for me and husband. When we eventually buy, we want an old home (that isn't haunted, of course) and we want original hardwoods, amazing crown molding, built in shelves, random closets that are oddly deep, laundry shoots, etc. etc. AHH it will be a fun time when it finally comes. we'll be ready by then, i'm sure.

On another note--there has been an evolution in toothbrushes since 1950 (when the bungalow was built). They must have been as skinny as straws back then, because mine and husband's brushes can't fit in the holder. At all. It's kinda funny. We like that and the fact that all of the outlets are visible. As in....waist high in the middle of the wall. Nice, lemme tell ya. Hanging chords are like the new wall art....in chez schramp.

Lots going on with the Schramps these days. Blogging is about to get REAL. Husband and I have lived together for approximately 2 weeks and are happy to report we still love each other :) it's nice being home together every night. until now, we hadn't spent more than 5 days together since our honeymoon in jan. So its really nice. Home cooked meals, a stocked pantry, wine flowing every night, conversations about our days in person....ahhh marriage is wonderful. And God knows me pretty darn well, settin' me up with such a nice young lad like Andy :) He's sweet. And he makes me breakfast and coffee every Sunday morning before church. BOOM. Be jealous, because he's just that awesome.

Thursday, November 3

shame on me. this i know.

It has been several long weeks since I blogged last. But it’s not because I didn’t want to….ok, yes it is. My brain has been in a constant state of overload and it is just now kind of settling down.

First things first. I have left Shorter University. And just in the nick of time. (refer now to the new Personal Lifestyle Statement here that all staff and faculty must sign). In a nut shell: you can’t drink or be homosexual. Because “the Bible tells me so”. Whew! I dodged that bullet and got the heck out of there. Listen folks, if you’re one of those fundamentalist Christians that likes to point fingers and make-up rules to scare people into a Christian lifestyle…you’re doing more harm than good. Shorter is going to struggle coming back from this….if they do. I wish them well….but they won’t get any of mine or husband’s alumni donations until they stop acting like crazy people. And when I say “they”…I mean the top gods dogs.

In the Rome News Tribune...pretty clever.
Second—I now work in Buckhead with Harry Norman, Realtors. What a breath of fresh air! These people are awesome and I love my new job. Glad to be utilized in a way that suits me J

Third—Husband sold my 4runner (in 3 days!) and got himself a truck. Now he’s official….like a cowboy with a pistol. He is loving it. And I’m loving it too because he can go pick things up for me that are too big for my car. Like new furniture and craft projects!

Fourth—We are moving to downtown Marietta into a little bungalow that is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen. We have been swamped every weekend moving things over to the new house and I have been feverishly trying to finish my furniture projects (pics to come soon I promise). HINT: a china hutch, paint, a dresser from the side of the road, and chicken wire are all involved.

Fifth—I joined husband’s childhood church—First Presbyterian Church Marietta. Never thought I’d see the day when I would switch from Lutheran to Presbyterian, but I actually agree with the doctrine and theology there so I decided to join. It has been so fulfilling to be a part of such a great church family. Our Sunday school class is awesome, our new friends are great and the activities and weekly Bible studies offered is an added bonus. Husband has been going to one for a little while and he really likes it. I need to start going on Wednesday nights with my friends now that I am home every night during the week….which leads me to:

Sexy SIXTH—I AM HOME EVERY NIGHT WITH ANDREW! WE ARE A REAL MARRIED COUPLE NOW! No more back and forth from Rome to Kennesaw and seeing each other only on the weekends! Last night we went on a date and watched Wednesday night TV and talked about our days in person! What a difference that makes J

I will have lots of pictures to post once we are moved ::next week:: and I will be sure to get back in the groove of posting.

Goodbye Shorter office! You're so naked without me!

Well, hello there Harry Norman! Thank you for the beautiful flowers and nice welcome note! I'm happy I'm here with you too!

Monday, October 17

Pawpaw turns 80!

Andy's grandfather turned 80 this past week and his family threw him a big to-do...and rightfully so! You only turn 80 once, right? Well, unless you were Noah, Abraham, Moses, or any of those other guys that lived hundreds of years. All of Pawpaw's friends were invited and there was music and food and best of all, fellowship. Gotta love family events. All of the kiddies were there and running around as usual. It was fantastic. Coming from an extremely small family, I embrace with open arms the new tradition of pulling names at Christmas for gift-buying because there are so many people, we'd all go broke trying to get presents for everyone!

As a side note, I was asked to design a koozie for the guests to use and take home as souvenirs. Pawpaw is a clock lover...and by clock lover I mean he has an entire outhouse dedicated to clocks and restoration. It's pretty nifty. So in honor of his love...and his very special day, here's what I came up with! Happy birthday Ed Letbetter!

Monday, October 10

oh to be 16 again

This saturday was little brother's junior homecoming dance. Husband and I always go to the location where pictures are being taken so I can see Jax, but also look at all of the dresses {and poor outfit choices by many}...

I think dresses have gotten shorter since I was going to dances in highschool. I mean booties were about hanging out and when did stripper shoes become popular? These platforms were 5" and higher. Some of those poor girls were obviously already in pain and they were only at pictures. Jeesh.

We didn't stay long, as the older I get, the less cool I am to little brother. Either that or he was terrified I would verbally embarrass him. I have that tendency...

shirt: H&M, necklace: Atlanta's mart, watch: Francesca's, bracelets: Atlanta's mart, jeans: express, shoes: Steve Madden, sunglasses: gift

Friday, October 7

adult braces are weird

Just got the braces on.
Free at last! The bottom row is once again straight!
OK so the time finally came for me to get braces. Round three. I literally said 'i do' to husband then 'i'm ready' to the orthodontist. One clean swoop. I've had them on for about as long as we've been married. Andrew was thrilled to see those beautiful brackets be places on his beautiful bride! {i kid.}. Who wants to kiss braces? Plus adult braces are just strange. And totally understanding that I would look like Ugly Betty for roughly 6 months was worth it in the end. I had ONE tooth out of line on the bottom. It had been making it's way to the snaggle position for the past 5 years. And it really bothered me to have just one little tooth like that. You could see it when I talked but not when I smiled. And because I am the type of person who watches the mouth move of the person talking, it made me self-conscious about people watching me talk. Eeek!

Well, I got them off! Yahoo! No more adult braces, or biting into a sandwich only to get half of it stuck in them! No more cutting husband's lips or feeling like a total doof. No more getting picked on by little brother. It's a GREAT day! They are straight and white and all that is good! So come at me wit'cho camera...and i'll show ya the pearly whites. Happy Friday!

Monday, October 3

brother, the craftsman

My brother-in-law is pretty much awesome...well, most of the time. Tyler {or Brud-ah as I so affectionately call him} is a crafty man I tell ya. He makes rustic furniture and it's pretty legit. He helped me with my centerpieces for the wedding, the wood stump cake stands, he's made us an ahhh-mazing coffee table, sofa table, bench, night stand, etc. etc. and now his latest addition--my apple crate bookshelf! I have had my eye on this piece ever since I saw it on Pinterest. I showed him the picture and BAM--a few weeks later I had my very own. I can't wait to get it in the house. I'm not going to put books on it, however. Books are cluttery, so I will be purchasing a few antique nicknacks for it. And ::gasp:: some of the shelves will be left empty! And it will be awesome.

So hats off to Tyler, the middle bro, for all of his hard work and craftiness! I appreciate him taking the time out of his crazy work schedule to do this for me. And just for the record--he's single, ladies. And currently accepting applications :) He's gonna love that I just said that. haha...not.

um...please excuse the big dead turkey in the picture.

Tuesday, September 20

*wedding extras*


I wanted to post two of my favorite items from our wedding.

{first} our thumbprint tree. A family friend drew the naked tree along with our names and the date. Then the picture sat on it's very own table at the reception where people could chose from two different greens and leave their mark. Side note: we also had little wipes for them after they dyed their fingers green.

{two} our wedding invitation, designed by yours truly. It took me forever to get it perfect but i'm so proud of how it turned out. it was unconventional and unique. i've even heard it's still on people's refrigerators! Woo! Yay for typography. Yay for InDesign.