Wednesday, August 31

The Great {craft} Depression

Husband has banned me from crafts until further notice. My heart is aching so bad, but I know it's for the best. We're trying to pump more money into our savings account. And to do that, we both must sacrifice...right? Well, I am giving up crafts and my thrift store addictions...and Andy is giving this point I'm not sure. In his defense, he doesn't spend nearly as much moola as I do. But he isn't as creative as me either so, there. Can I really help that I see trash and immediately know how to create a treasure? Nope. It's a God given talent, people. He will thank me one day.

So I was in Micheal's today getting some beads (I only spent $3...definitely on the road of sacrifice). As I approached the counter I noticed the most adorable, cutest, sassy kitty pumpkins I've ever ever ever seen! With a whopping price tag of $60 and $50! Please...I could make these for half that. If only husband knew how much I'd be saving...surely he'd let me make these. I'm too chicken to break the arrangement. It's just kitty-pumpkins.  But they are pretty sassy. Maybe next year!

Thursday, August 25

lunch break {playdate}

dress: Jonny Waas, earrings: Viv&Ingrid, watch: Francescas, ring: great grandmother, shoes: target

I went to Steph's during lunch today to take photos of my newly made wine glasses for the beaded grape facebook page, and to visit with her and john brady--you know, the usual. We chatted, watched some trash TV {Jada Pinkett Smith is sooo not divorcing Will in case you were wondering}, and sat outside for a bit with a zippy IZZE sparkling clementine juice. Deliciousness. Steph played a little with the camera then I left for work. Ba-humbug.

Tuesday, August 23

hey there, twin(s)

The older I get, the more and more I look like my mom (CJ, Ceej as I so endearingly call her). Don't get me wrong, I look like the pops too, but with the whole glasses thing we've got going on, we sure do look the same. We had a staff member at our place of torture work that asked (and you must talk like a britt because he was one), "excuse me, are you two related? you look oddly similar if you aren't"

Yes, I'll claim her. She made me. Gave me all those spicy genes. Love the madre. She is pretty much the best. Everrr.

Now...fancy this. Andrew's mum. We are always together and get mistaken as mother/daughter. I get it...blonde hair blue eyes. We match. Weird thing is...we kind of have the same personality, except she is way cooler than me. That's kind of scary for Andrew. That means he married his hehe we love to tease him about that.

Lura, you're the Best mother-in-law in the universe. Fo sho.

Friday, August 19

hAppY biRtHdaY to yOU

My favorite co-worker in the universe *^*AIMEE*^* celebrated her 31st birthday (age is just a number, folks) yesterday and we all went to get hibachi for lunch--yummm--o! Birthday lunches are always long lunches so I was excited to be out of the office longer than usual. Aimee was the photographer for my wedding (pics are on blog too) and she has been helping me figure out my camera skills, which are few and very limited at the moment. But hey, there's always room for improvement! Trial and error....mostly error...then all of a sudden you get something good! I occasionally do my happy dance, and I'm perfectly secure in doing it...even in public. So, anyways, happy birthday Aimee! I hope it was fabulous just like YOU!

Aimee's present from me--you like? I made!

my little here and enjoy!

Wednesday, August 17

i really should be home more

I walked into Andy's bathroom the guest bathroom to wash my hands and put up some clean towels. Then I noticed the sad situation on his counter. Poor thing has been so low on toothpaste, his survival skills set in and he CUT the tube to get a hold of  any remaining minty remnants. I think he might be incapable of replenishing his toiletries or maybe this is his attempt at showing me how much he misses me doing it for him? Either way, I should really be home more so things like this don't happen. Poor hubs. If you're reading...I'll grab some toothpaste and burts bees for you on my way home Friday.
Love, wife.

Monday, August 15

market on the square

The sign Emily spotted, "let's send this to Jay Leno!"
 Saturday morning, my friend Emily and I walked 7 miles (3.5 to the market and 3.5 back). It was a very fun morning considering I don't like to get up early and I certainly don't enjoy exercise. We partook in freshly squeezed limeade with a splash of cherry syrup along with many dips and breads the vendors had out for us to try. Pesto hummus....greek cucumber dip....delish. Freshly picked vegetables were available and beautiful flowers to take home too! We also enjoyed looking at all of the different people and their dogs.My father-in-law brought Daisy, the family chocolate lab down for a stroll. She was decorated in her pretty pink any true princess dog should be. After we got home we jumped into the pool to cool down and rinse off our sweaty sticky selves. I got sunburned while Em fell asleep under the poolside umbrella. Saturday = hit.

Wednesday, August 10

Night at the Nichols

My best friend in the entire world, Stephanie, is a new mommy. Her son, John Brady, is probably one of my most favorite babies...ever. This could be that I see him all the time and I can appreciate everything he does more than I can with most children. Or maybe it's just that he's my best friend's child, ha. It seems he grows and grows and grows...daily, weekly, monthly....he's just getting so BIG! I often find myself dreaming about the day Andy and I will have our own. What will they look like? How will they act? You know, the usual questions. I sure hope they look like Andrew--he's so darn good looking I don't want to waste ANY of his genes (except for his messy gene)! Anyways, back to Steph and John Brady. I visit them usually twice a week, heading over for dinner, a glass of wine and a good dose of reality TV. Yesterday, Drew, her hubs, was working late at the hospital (where he is a studly male nurse...Gaylord Focker doesn't hold a candle to him...seriously). So I came over to play with Steph and JB. I couldn't help but capture a few pictures! Love me some JB. Love me some Steph time even more!!

Steph being the awesome mommy she is--helping JB walk like a big boy down the stairs

Tuesday, August 9

so not "the great clip" doo

Husband got a new haircut today--and we loves it! While the hair wizard was working her magic, we talked about how it's so refreshing when men actually care what their hair looks like. Not in an over-obsessive way, but in a way that they refuse to get "the great clip" hairdo. No offense to anyone who works at Great Clips, but let's face it...more men have left there with a horrific botch job than with a prized new doo! They leave saying to themselves, "looks like I'll be wearing a hat for the next two weeks until this grows out a little." It's what me and Andy call the "not-so-great-clip". I appreciate his willingness to try new things and that he takes care of himself. I really hit the jackpot with this one, folks. No doubt about it.

Monday, August 8

date night

 Andy and I had date night Friday night (I couldn't find my camera cord so my post had to wait). We played 'camera' where I jump around and he snaps photos...then he cooked--turkey melts with seasoned sweet potato fries.Yum-O. We also had our favorite wine--Double Dog Dare merlot. You should splurge and buy some. It's approximately $3.99. Big spenders...yes we are.

Sunday, August 7

wedding day extravaganza

 just some of my favorite pictures from the wedding
(january 22, 2011 to be exact)

Wednesday, August 3

this is us.

I'm Mallory. Hubs is Andrew (most frequently refered to by me as Andy or Andylove). This is a blog about our life!

I will be the first to admit that I am not a...what's the I don't really find myself interesting enough to create something for people to read/look at/be mesmerized by/enjoy. However, with the recent activities life has thrown my way (i.e. love, marriage, new life challenges and joys), I have convinced myself that a blog is most certainly what I need. So here I am.

p.s. I figure it's a great way to document life (future kids can see later...right?) and share it with my friends and family and anyone else who's interested!