Tuesday, September 20

*wedding extras*


I wanted to post two of my favorite items from our wedding.

{first} our thumbprint tree. A family friend drew the naked tree along with our names and the date. Then the picture sat on it's very own table at the reception where people could chose from two different greens and leave their mark. Side note: we also had little wipes for them after they dyed their fingers green.

{two} our wedding invitation, designed by yours truly. It took me forever to get it perfect but i'm so proud of how it turned out. it was unconventional and unique. i've even heard it's still on people's refrigerators! Woo! Yay for typography. Yay for InDesign.

weekend with marbevs

This weekend was absolutely wonderful. I drove down to Macon to visit my friend Martha--and got to see my other besties Stephanie G. and Lucy too! It was too short of a visit. It always is.

We woke up early on Saturday morning, enjoyed a cup of coffee and then headed out with Mar's mom to an antique warehouse. It was giant and I wanted to buy everything! I saw craft projects galore and could sadly only "look". Once we move out of the apartment and into a house, I'll get to do more. But until then..I must pin ideas on pinterest and dream about the day to finally arrive. {sigh}

Saturday night I enjoyed seafood and a Jimmy Buffet musical variety with the Bevill clan at a local place called Fish n' Pig on Lake Tobesofkee. They are some nice folks. Love the whole family!  We came home from dinner, did what me and Mar do best....a whole lotta lounging....and then I got a very surprising and exciting phone call from Andrew!

He came home from Chicago early! I could hardly contain myself! I picked him up from the airport late Sunday morning, then we went to our favorite sports bar {Taco Mac} and enjoyed some queso dip and a few cold brews. Yes, we had brews on Sunday. Simmer yourselves...it will be okay.

Wednesday, September 14

it's better to lose a lover, than love a loser

Supplies: large notepad, ribbon, hole punch, scissors, printer, sticker paper, ruler 
One of my best friends has had a rough week. She recently broke up with her boyfriend and has been sick with laryngitis. Not a good combo. At all.

Well I'm going to visit her this weekend and I can hardly stand the excitement that is within me! I'm bringing her a bunch of goodies. One of them being this crafty lil' journal I put together. Speaking from experience, it often helps to write down everything you're feeling about the breakup and that other person {as if some day they might read it and see...}. This helps with the release process. She will probably write in it at least once a day until at some point…she won’t “feel” like it. Writing about the past will become a chore rather than a desire. Once the unused journal sits in her nightstand long enough, the day will come when she decides to burn it {yes, literally set it on fire}. Because everything she wrote about means nothing anymore. She got out what she needed to say, never to be read again.

And I will be there for the burning ceremony. Just like she was there for mine :-) 

Tuesday, September 13

the kissers go red

MAC: Ruby Woo

So i'm loving red lipstick for the fall. I found the perfect shade of matte red from MAC in Ruby Woo. Andrew is still trying to get used to it when I wear it {he secretly loves it i'm sure...but the bold change from burt's bees to red is throwing him off} and my mom just stares at me. She's not sure what to think. Bless her heart, she rarely reads a magazine unless its pottery barn or land's end. and I can assure you she isn't seeing any ruby woo lips in there! BUT if she would read all the good goods in US weekly, People, etc. etc. she would then see how fashion-forward i'm attempting to be. which is big. go me.

Best part of lipstick is the luscious lip mark i have the power to leave on husband's face {and every single cup i drink out of}.

Monday, September 12

that toddlin' town, Chicago

Andy flew out bright and early yesterday for Chicago. Schaumburg, IL to be exact. I knew beyond any reasonable doubt that I would cry like a baby as I watched him head towards security—the drop off point when I can’t go any further into the airport. But I held it together pretty well. He kept looking back at me as he walked away. I just stood there…waving and half-smiling. I love when I surprise myself! Go me! No tears! {my crying spiel the night before must have got it all out of my system…}

I wasn’t too uneasy that he flew out the morning of 9/11. I figured that would be the safest day to fly! So I let him go without much of a fuss. The good Lord watched over my sweet darling and landing him safely around noon. I know he is excited to be helping with a Chick-fil-A grand opening! It’s all he’s talked about since he was selected {out of 300 applicants might I add. He’s pretty important. And spectacular. And all mine.}

      I will miss him tremendously. There are three things that will help me through these next 14 days:      
  1. I’m already trained: we’ve been living apart every week and seeing each other only on the weekends (because I work too far away right now to drive home every day. So I stay with my parents…
  2. SKYPE 
  3. Home/craft projects with mom. Currently painting three rooms in the house and getting it ready to sell

Crafts = happiness.
Andrew coming home on the 25th = happiness x’s 1 trillion.

Friday, September 9

beginnings of the old family picture project

These are my grandparents. On the left we have my mom's parents (on their wedding day--precious) and on the right is my dad's mom (my most favorite grandmother ever in the entire universe. Mary Florence was AWESOME!). His father passed away before I could meet him--when dad was a teenager.

My goal is to start compiling my (“our”, but Andrew will probably be less interested in this project than me) favorite old photos of the Jones and Schrampfer families. I want a wall of old photos in antique frames on rustic shelves somewhere in the house. Possibly going up the stairs? Maybe in a hallway? Not sure yet. Good news is I only have two pictures, no shelves, and no house (yet), so there is plenty of time to sort out details.
Old photos usually creep me out, but I think since it’s our family I will be ok will all of the old-ness :)

Happy weekend! I will be spending as much time with Andrew today and tomorrow as possible since he leaves for Chicago on Sunday. For two.whole.weeks. Not a fan. But happy he gets to experience something new with work. Go get ‘em tiger! Sending with you loves and hugs and kisses and bugs (love bugs of course).