Tuesday, December 6

Harry 'Stepford' Norman

So the time came to have our professional "real estate-esque" pictures taken for Mr. Norman. I wasn't sure what to expect. I usually get awkward during pictures like this, but lucky for me, my co-worker and friend Lauren was there to make fun of me  offer support. And I did the same for her. Of course.

The photoshoot went well! And when the photog man sent us back the finished product...I barely recognized myself! I have never looked so nice/fake/airbrushed in my life. And I liked it! You know how pageant girl pictures look...too good to be true? Yep, well now I have my very own pageant pic. What what.

Monday, December 5

thankful for thanksgiving. and a tree stand.

The past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind. The holiday hustle and bustle has officially begun. Not so much over things like decorating our house for Christmas...but me and Schramp have been some serious workaholics as of late. Crazy hours, folks. Like 6am-11pm. One crazy job for him, and three jobs for me. Three awesome jobs. Harry Norman by day, Pottery Barn by night, and The Beaded Grape in between! Super busy but loving life.

Thanksgiving was nuts. My family is nuts :) We spent the day in Tennessee with my family and drove back to Marietta to spend time with Andrew's family. Full day, yes I know, but we have a big family! And we loving spending time with both of them! It's not very often where you get lucky enough to have amazing people on both sides of the family. But we do. Jones-Schrampfers are legit peeps.

My family in TN after too much food and obviously too many serious poses.
We borrowed my parent's Christmas tree this year because we just don't feel like paying full-price for the one we've been eye-ballin' at Costco. No worries, we didn't leave them tree-less. They're putting up the retro silver tree with the color wheel this year...old school style. So here's to our first Christmas as married Schramps! Looking forward to hosting our second annual tacky Christmas sweater party in a few weeks with all of our amazing friends. Throwin' it down on Normandy. That's what we do.

Santa's little princess elf